Alarm Software


Alarm Monitoring Software (AMS)

The Alarm Software is a powerful application designed for security firms used either in a stand-alone PC, in a multiuser or in a Web-based environment. It incorporates all incoming alarms as well as reports.


Special features

Comprehensive Database:The system has been developed on MYSQL database, which is a leading Open Source Relational database management system running most of the world’s internet sites.

Documentation: The system has online help and a manual.

Security System:It controls access and rights to the system, and is equipped with a User Audit Trail that keeps track of all users, listing the users log in and log out time, date and the transactions they executed.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities:Reports generated can be viewed, printed, or exported to the widely used Microsoft Office Products or even sent by electronic mail.


Why use Foresight Alarm System

  • Is affordable & customizable
  • It comes with after sale customer service
  • It is straightforward enough for novice users, yet comprehensive
  • It is a reliable software that is currently in use in many security firms
  • Its enhanced reporting capability compiles & generates updated reports, in a format that gives your organization, a professional look.
  • It is a powerful system that can accommodate an extensive network system, yet can also operate on minimal hardware requirements, making it both customizable and cost effective.


Foresight Alarm System Produces The Following Reports:-

  • Client List
  • Base List
  • Acknowledged Alarms
  • Transmitter Activation
  • Failed-to-Test
  • Incident Reports
  • Mobile Backup List
  • Transmitter Register