Hospital Management Software


Hospital Management Software (HMS)

The Hospital Management System is a powerful application designed for hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical/Chemist shops used either in a stand-alone PC, in a multiuser or in a Web-based environment. It incorporates all accounting procedures as well as pharmaceutical and clinical processes.

Medical modules include admission (Inpatient & outpatient), Nursing procedures, Doctors procedures, Pharmacy, Laboratory, wards, Physiotherapy,theatre and mortuary.Medical reports are comprehensive, including patient statements, patient medical history, diagnoses statistics, bed occupancy,admission reports (sorted by gender, pediatric and adults).

The book keeping modules include, customizable chart of accounts, billing, and purchasing, receipting and general ledger. The system gives all accounting reports such cash book, trial balance, income statement,Balance sheet stock movement, stock status. It also issues receipts, invoices & statements; records all income and expenditure; periodically summarizes the income and expenditure records and compiles yearly financial reports.

Special features

Documentation: The system has online help and a manual.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities: Reports generated can be viewed, printed, or exported to the widely used Microsoft Office Products or even sent by electronic mail.

Powerful Modules: The Foresight Accounting Software is set up in modules, with an automatic interface that only requires data to be entered once.

Comprehensive Database: The system has been developed on MYSQL database, which is a leading Open Source Relational database management system running most of the world’s internet sites.

Security System: It controls access and rights to the system, and is equipped with a User Audit Trail that keeps track of all users, listing the users log in and log out time, date and the transactions they executed.

ForeSight Hospital Management System Has Two Modules:-


  • Pharmacy
  • Radiography
  • Patient billing
  • Physiotherapy
  • Operation Theatre
  • Nursing workbench
  • Doctor’s workbench
  • Referrals/Transfers
  • Wards management
  • Admission/Discharge
  • Laboratory workbench


  • Budgeting
  • Patient billing
  • General Ledger
  • Reconciliation & Billing
  • Accounts Payable Module
  • Accounts Receivable Module
  • Cash Payments & Cash Receipts
  • Inventory Control & Fixed Asset Register
  • POS (Point Of Sale) with Till & Teller management
  • Various Accounting reports such as Trial Balance, Balance sheet, Income statement, Account Activity


Why use Foresight payroll Management System

  • It is straightforward enough for novice users
  • The system maintains the patient medical history
  • Through database querying, various reports can be generated Etc.
  • It saves time, eliminates tedious calculations and enhances accuracy
  • Drugs and services given to the patients are sent to the patient bill
  • The user can group patient bills by sponsors and generate a statement for the sponsor.
  • Drugs Stock is controlled at all levels from the main store to the pharmacy (Sub-Store) level
  • It's reliable software that is currently in use in various, medical institutions and pharmaceutical shops.
  • It is a powerful system that can accommodate an extensive network system, yet can also operate on minimal hardware requirements, making it both customizable and cost effective.
  • Updated Reports that give your institution a professional look. Reports can be printed, viewed or exported to the widely used Microsoft Office products or even sent by electronic mail.


Foresight Hospital Management System Produces The Following Reports:-

  • Cash Report
  • Trial balance
  • Balance sheet
  • Accounts Listing
  • Drug stock status
  • Customers Listing
  • Reconciliation Status
  • Profit and loss account
  • Services / Drugs Listing
  • Accounts Activity Details
  • Patient statements/balances&ageing Reports
  • Vendor statements/Balances&ageing Reports
  • Journals(general,receivables,payables,Receipts, payments)
  • Staff list
  • Drugs History
  • Lab tests results
  • Drug alert report
  • Stock count sheets
  • Patient History report
  • Referral transfer report
  • Diagnosed cases report
  • Drugs consumption report
  • Beds register and occupancy
  • Physical count variance report
  • Admission reports (Male/Female, pediatric/Adults)